Sirup is not like Sirup - there are endless variations of how you can mix GuruGuru to create your favorite drink.

All of our sirup flavours are made merely out of natural herbes without any food colorants and stabilizers. You can keep the sirup at least 1 year as far its sealed - once opened consume it within a month.


Here are some ideas for fancy and classic alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks - Enjoy!


Gin Basil Smash

Originally created by a bar tender from Hamburg this fresh and easy to serve drink will make you an addict of its tingly and refreshing taste - not only in summer!


6 cl Gin

2 cl Lemon juice

2 cl GuruGuru G2 - Summer Breeze

   Some Basil leafes

   Ice Cubes


Fill together Gin, Lemon juice and G2 and shake it

Put Ice cubes and Basil leafes

Enjoy it

Summer Tonic

Mysteriously refreshing and tart and fruity, this wodka-based longdrink in delicately pastel reddish hair combines refreshing lightness with a powerful lavender aroma.

A spectacular sunset in the glass!


  4 cl Vodka

  1 cl  GuruGuru G4 - Dream Catcher

10 cl Tonic Water

  1 dash Orange Bitter

     Crushed Ice

  1 Orange peel

  1 Lavender 


Fill Vodka, Orange Bitter amd G4 in blender and shake it

Add crushed ice or ice cubes

Fill with tonic water

Garnish with orange peel and lavender 

Enjoy it

Dark & Stormy

Despite its name, the Dark & Stormy actually makes a great warm-weather drink.  The spiciness of  ginger, richness of black rum, and the acidity of the lime evoke a tropical feeling - its the bermudas national drink.


  5 cl  Gosling's Black Seal Rum 

  2 cl  GuruGuru G3 - Fast & Furious

 10 cl Soda

  1/2 Limette

     Ice Cubes 


Fill Gisling's Black Seal Rum and G3 in blender and stear it

Fill with soda

Squeeze 1/4 limette 

Add crushed ice or ice cubes

Garnish with slice of limette 

Enjoy it

Classic Hugo

Hugo - the classic and trendy cocktail from Tirol.  Should not be missing at any party. Refreshing, lively with a taste of elder (Holunder) .


  20 cl  Processo or Champagne 

    2 cl  GuruGuru G1 - Dolce Vita 

   10 cl Soda

  1/2 Limette

     Hugo Minze

     Ice Cubes 


Fill glass with 2-3 ice cubes and squezzed Minze leafes

Fill G1 and and Prosecco or Champagne and steer it

Fill with Soda

Squeeze 1/2 limette 

Add crushed ice or ice cubes

Garnish with a Hugo Minze 

Enjoy it

Lemonbalm Mojito

In this drink, all of Cuba's flavors come together to form a refreshing cocktail: lemon balm, rum and lime juice. Olé!


  6 cl Cuban rum

  2 cl GuruGuru G10 - Sparkle

  3 cl sparkling lime juice

Fresh lemon balm leaves

Crushed ice cubes


Rinse lemon balm leaves cold, pat dry, then grate something in the palm of your hand

Put lemon balm, rum and G10 syrup in a cocktail glass and fill halfway with crushed ice

Mix well and fill completely with ice or soda glass


Hot Toddy

Get in love with this schottish old recipe ‘Hot Toddy'. Ideally for cold winter days to recover from a cold!


 4 cl Bourbon Whisky

12 cl boiled water

 2 cl GuruGuru G5 - Lemon Tree

   1 spoon of honey or maple sirup

   1/2 stick of cinnamon

   2 cloves

   1 crushed raw garlic clove (optional)


Give cloves, cinnamon and honey and whisky in a cup. pour with boiled water and steer. Add garlic and taste it. 

Enjoy warm or cold - and get well soon!


Thyme Lemonade

A refreshing herbal lemonade that is perfect for beating the heat of summer.


20 cl Water

  1 cl lemon juice

  2 cl GuruGuru G8 - Swing Shot

   Some sprigs of fresh thyme

   Ice Cubes


Fill together Water, Lemon Juice and G8 and steer it

Put Ice cubes and thyme sprigs leafes

Enjoy it

Ginger Grapefruit Spritz

Every holiday needs a time to refresh and unwind, and what better way to relax than with a delicious festive mocktail! This delicious grapefruit and ginger spritzer is a fun drink that everyone will enjoy!


30 cl Soda

  2 cl GuruGuru G3 - Fast & Furious

   Slice of Grapefruit

   Handful of fresh basil

   Ice Cubes


Fill glass halfway with ice

Poure soda and squeezed 1/4 grapefruit

Add G3 and fresh basil and steer it

Put slice of grapefruit 

Enjoy it

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