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We are Sandra and Roger - and together we are the founder of GuruGuru-Sirup Station. Our passion is to create sirup flavors from herbes to trowth a smile at your face. We both have a regular job - so this is a hobby for us, but we want to share the results from our work with you.

Our herbes garden is the place for inspiration and where we recover from the day-to-day activities - offline!


Althought some of our herbes are medical herbes and used in alternative medicine our sirup creations are not intended to cure any kind of sickness!! 

Our sirup flavors are created exclusively from seasonal herbes and prodcuts from our garden, meaning the flavors vary during the year and sometimes some flavors may not be available anymore - but next season is coming anyway.

Now enjoy the sirup and make  your own creation and  - give every day the chance to become the most beautiful in your life!  


You can follow us also on Facebook and Instagramm @guruguru.sirup

By the way: We are "Bubu" (the Pascha) and "Momo" (the Tussy) - we keep the bugs and mouses away from the cellar. Even more we joke around a lot and love to make waves:-)




Our home is one of the most beautiful place on earth - we think. It's on the country side in the "Züri-Oberland" , close to the Greifensee.  The hosue we live in has a long history from 1856. The people lived in the house where always hard working people who where close to nature and did their own thing. - as we do now.


It was used first as a "Sennerei" first from the first owners in the 19th century. Later on it was the place where the farmers brought their fresh milk and cheese and other milk products where made of. You still see the metallic front door and production room - now it's our sirup kitchen.

The first idea to create GuruGuru came early 2019 when our "Holunder" tree was blooming. Sandra is a big fan of the famous drink "Hugo" - a mix of Holunder, Zitronenmelisse and Prosecco. So why buying Holunder when we have it in front of our door? So our first sirup was born.

As summer came and we looked at our growing herbes garden we thought of experimenting with some of them and we discovered that most of the herbes could be used as basis for sirup - GuruGuru was born.


After a very busy summer with gardening and producing nice bottles of sirup we have our portfolio of season #1 GuruGuru Sirup ready to use.  We also created a nice sirup station where people walking by can buy it directly at our home. In late August we had our first GuruGuru - Sirup Station weekend, where people could try the different flavors and have some good time together. 


In the meantime we have expanded our range with natural soaps and bath salts and from summer our own GuruGuru honey will be added. The bees have already moved in and can't wait to collect the pollen from the nearby fields.

Now we are preparing for the new season with lots of new ideas and passion - stay tuned!

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